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December 04-December 06, 2018

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Future Branches Blog

At Future Branches, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular case studies and industry spotlights.

How Bank of America Is Reinventing High Street Banking with Tellerless ‘Robo-Branches

The US’s second-biggest bank by assets has started to experiment with the concept of unmanned branches. No greeters. No tellers. Just machines.

How Wells Fargo Is Using Near-Field Communication to Improve Their ATM Experience

Near-field communication (NFC) has many practical applications in several industries - from healthcare to retail - and now Wells Fargo is employing the technology in its ATMs.

What Does the Amazon Whole Foods Purchase Mean for Bank Branches?

If Amazon is able to muscle its way into grocery – what’s to stop it coming for the banking industry next?

Here’s How Umpqua Bank is Advancing the ‘Bank-Store’ Concept with Yoga Classes and Snacks

Umpqua is reimagining the branch as a community center, where people are invited to hang out, use the meeting rooms for their own business projects, or even for yoga classes.

How Capital One Combines Coffee with Banking to Cater to Millennials

First launched as a digital-only bank, Capital One has decided to do the opposite – going to the expense of building branches, when most others are closing them down.