My Future Branches Story by Erik Feld:

‘This was our first time attending Future Branches and it definitely will not be our last. We learned so much at this event about the future of branches across the country. The event was extremely well organized, the speakers were incredible, and the overall venue was seamless.’

Erik Feld
Director of Technical Operations
TruEdge Builds, Inc.

Erik's Future Branches Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2019

How He’s Participated: Attendee

Conference Highlights: Every speaker had a unique perspective and caused me to think in ways I hadn't thought before. The accommodations and service was phenomenal. I would highly highly recommend the event.

A credit union client referred me to the conference…

My friend and I started our company in early 2018 and have been attending events to build our clientele. But I attended this event purely to learn about the different industry trends.

What really stood out right from the start was the layout of the agenda and the clarity of the topics being discussed. Onsite, I was very impressed by the way everything was organized.

The highlight of the event for me was…

The presentation ‘Roll With Change!’ by guest speaker Jake French. He was my favorite speaker by far! He was so inspirational on both a corporate and professional level. Everyone in attendance, including myself, was moved by his story. He brought everyone together through his story and provided me with an even deeper appreciation for life as we know it and how we roll with change.

Another presentation worth mentioning is the one about NeighborHub by executives from Columbia Bank. It gave interesting insights into the layout of their branch and how it is helping build client relationships.

I came away with 20-30 pages of notes…

I came to the event specifically to learn about different trends in the industry and I wasn’t disappointed. The diversity of speaker backgrounds meant that I was able to gain a variety of perspectives in the future of design and layout of branches. The ideas I took back have definitely influenced the way we will approach design and construction in the future – for example, being sensitive to the cultural differences in the way one approaches deign in rural vs urban branches.

The whole event was set up so that attendees could maximize opportunities to network, to discuss and to share their different experiences. I had lunch with one of my competitors just so that we could discuss the varied trends and how it is affecting our work.

This is my new favorite conference…

Since this was my first time at the conference, and we are a small firm, I was the only one from my company in attendance. But I definitely see value in bring my team to the event. The speakers, the agenda, the organization and the communal feel of the conference has me convinced that this is the go-to event for the industry.