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How Can Banks Ensure Their Branches Thrive After COVID-19?

Bank branches are still valuable to consumers, even those who use digital channels. As consumers increasingly seek out a ‘human touch’ for specific financial use cases, branches remain the dominant channel for consumers of all ages when opening new accounts and purchasing complex products.

Empowering In-Branch Associates with Customer Data

With the advent of a mobile-centric world, the role of brick-and-mortar is under pressure to adapt. Fortunately, the same tools that are changing where the branch fits in to overall strategies are enabling their new roles.

These 3 Banking Brands are Revolutionizing the Branch Experience

Smaller businesses can often be the most innovative. They may not have the huge budgets or dedicated innovation labs of their bigger competitors, but they are often filled with eager and hungry minds which feel a greater bond to the brand they represent and a desire to give it their greatest effort.

Here's How a Cashless Society Will Impact the World

The situation will likely soon arise where the cost of maintaining a cash-based system will outweigh its value, and this is the point at which we may see cash becoming a thing of the past.

How Can Financial Literacy Become a Powerful Marketing Tool?

People generally don't engage with banks for fun and many find the world of finance confusing and frustrating. That's why it's important to craft financial literacy content to provide the necessary information in an easy-to-understand and accessible fashion.

Could AI-Powered Customer Service Be the Future of Banking?

Many financial institutions already use AI to some degree. Examples include using voice analytics in telephone banking as a security measure and utilizing AI to perform risk assessments on customers applying for loans.

How Data-Driven Personalization Can Benefit Banks

Banks have been targeting personas and microsegments for many years now. Until recently, these low-level personalization efforts have been sufficient to act as a brand differentiator. However, in recent years, the more advanced data-driven personalization being pushed forward by big brand retailers

Federal Credit Union & Cardtronics to Launch New ATM Strategy

The future of the humble ATM is constantly debated. Many experts question its value as a self-service channel in a digital world where online and mobile banking, cashless transactions, and even cryptocurrencies are gaining prominence - particularly amongst younger consumers who have only known digital-first experiences.

Amazon Could be the Future of Banking


Amazon can use its platform to connect customers who are looking to open checking accounts to those same banks and provide the technology and marketing services required to both open and manage them.

How to Keep Bank Branches Relevant in the Digital World

The inexorable onslaught of digital technology and online connectivity is offering both challenge and opportunity to industries all over the world. However, the banking industry is arguably finding digital transformation more challenging than most - the future of the physical branch seems unclear at best.

How Banks Are Changing Their Strategy To Serve Generation Z

Millennials are now in their twenties and thirties and have been disrupting the banking world for some time. But now a new generation is starting to mature, and they bring a host of new experiences with them. GenZers are often referred to as digital natives, which means they have never lived in a world without tech.

Lloyds Banking Group Offers Coding Lessons, Coffee, and Travel Tips at UK's Biggest Branch

Bank branches are closing at an alarming rate globally. However, amidst all the closures, Lloyds is going against the grain, having just spent several million pounds opening a huge new Halifax branch near Oxford Street in central London - and it's a far cry from the traditional image of a British bank.

How Citizens Bank Is Utilizing Digital Signage to Do More with Smaller Branches

With over 1,100 branches in operation, Citizens is now in year two of a ten-year plan not to reduce its overall number of branches, but to reduce the square footage of each branch to do more with less space.

How Virgin Money Is Reinventing Its Branches as Community "Money Lounges"

When is a branch not a branch? When it's a bowling alley, of course. It might sound too extraordinary to be true, but the UK's Virgin Money has totally reinvented the branch concept, turning its Virgin Money Lounges into community locations where customers can go to relax, unwind, and even work on their arm swing.

How China Construction Bank Is Operating a Branch Staffed Entirely by Robots

China Construction Bank (CCB) has opened a branch in Shanghai staffed almost entirely by robots brimming with artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and facial recognition (FR) technology.

The Amazon Threat to the Financial Services Industry

Agile, innovative, and capitalizing on consumer distrust for traditional financial services in the wake of The Great Recession, FinTech innovators emerged by the dozen, armed with exciting and consumer-friendly tech that promised to improve customer experience and change the way people manage their money.

How Regions Bank Is Redesigning Its Brick and Mortar Branches

With so much of the financial industry being taken online these days, it's easy to think that the days of brick and mortar banking sector are numbered. However, Regions Bank isn't ready to give up yet with its bold new branch design.

Here's How UnionBank is Turning to Technology to Create Its First 100% Digital Branch

Most financial institutions are incorporating technology into their operations in one way or another. However, UnionBank is going one step further with its first 100% digital branch.

How JP Morgan Chase is Using the Tax Reform to Invest in Employees, Expansion, and Local Economies

Since the new tax reform bill, JP has announced a five-year investment plan totaling $20 billion, designed to help its employees, and support job and local economic growth.

Here’s How Bank of America Is Reinventing High Street Banking with Tellerless ‘Robo-Branches’

The US’s second-biggest bank by assets has started to experiment with the concept of unmanned branches. No greeters. No tellers. Just machines.

Here's How Wells Fargo Is Utilizing Near-Field Communication to Improve the ATM Experience

Near-field communication (NFC) has many practical applications in several industries - from healthcare to retail - and now Wells Fargo is employing the technology in its ATMs.

What Does the Amazon Whole Foods Purchase Mean for Bank Branches?

If Amazon is able to muscle its way into grocery – what’s to stop it coming for the banking industry next?

Here’s How Umpqua Bank is Advancing the ‘Bank-Store’ Concept with Yoga Classes and Snacks

Umpqua is reimagining the branch as a community center, where people are invited to hang out, use the meeting rooms for their own business projects, or even for yoga classes.

Here’s How Capital One Combines Coffee with Banking to Cater to Millennials

First launched as a digital-only bank, Capital One has decided to do the opposite – going to the expense of building branches, when most others are closing them down.