My Future Branches Story by Kari Solomonson:

‘This is a great event to get updated on the strategies of your peers and learn more about the latest technology trends in branch design.’

Kari Solomonson

Kari Solomonson
Sr VP Retail
Peoples State Bank

Kari’s Future Branches Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2017

How She’s Participated: Speaker

Event Highlights:The opportunity to connect with likeminded people and hear stories about their successes in the industry.

I heard about the event through LinkedIn…

I only heard about the event through Elizabeth (the producer) when she reached out to me with an opportunity to moderate a roundtable. And since I’m so involved in mentorship at my own organization, I was happy to moderate a roundtable on the same subject. I had such fun doing it, too! Once we got the conversation going, people had a lot of interesting tidbits to share.

I would definitely recommend going with a colleague.

Our organization is small enough, and this was my first time attending, so I decided to go alone. But I think I’m going to bring along someone from the senior leadership team. Preferably, someone on the technology side. There were some interesting solutions presented in the exhibit hall that I think we should keep in mind for the future. I’ve already sounded of my senior managers on the idea!

The highlight of the event for me was…

The most relatable presentation for me was the one done by Dena Roten (Citibank). It was interesting (and inspiring!) to hear the story of the career progression of another woman in the industry.

There was another presentation on Millennials and their banking behavior by Ryan Jenkins – again, that affects my job directly because I work with a lot of millennials in mentorship programs at my organization. Took down a lot of notes there!

2018 will be the year I implement ideas that I took away from Future Branches.

I’ve already presented a few strategies that I heard at the event to our senior management. Personally, I’ve learned a lot and I hope it reflects on my management and training style. I’m hoping to be back next year so I can present the results of what I’ve implemented.