"Thanks for organizing such good event. I enjoyed the frank sharing and open discussion!"

Eros, Head of Future Branch, Applied Innovation, HSBC

"Future Branches is highly relevant to Retail Banking - whether you are in the thick of transformation or wondering if you need to begin or how to begin.  Future Branches can provide a litmus test for where you are or a roadmap for what you will need to consider as you move forward."

Christopher Groshko, Chief Retail Officer, Advantis Credit Union

"This was a great experience.  Instead of just hearing about information from vendors or motivational speakers, you heard from people who were in the same industry and situations as you.  It was very beneficial.  Very helpful.  I will go again!"

Wendy Wohr, VP - Branch Development, Capital Credit Union

"Great opportunity to engage with others in the industry - banks and credit unions!"

Joe Mattera, Member Services Manager, HondaFCU

"The diverse background of all the attendees who share their experiences is certainly enlightening."

Nitesh Patel, Executive, Corporate Real Estate Services, Retail, Standard Bank Group

"I found the subject matter both pertinent and informative to many of the decisions we are making regarding our own branch construction projects."

Stephen M. Dell'Aversano, Administrator for General Services and Facilities Management, Visions FCU

"Future Branches is a conference where you can network with the best in the business, learn about opportunities and challenges, and find the newest technology all under one roof.  Well worth the investment to attend. "   

Marci Knight, Chief Marketing / Retail Officer, American Bank of the North

"I enjoyed the variety of presentations on topics relevant to our industry/market today.  Content is real and actionable.  Q&A opportunities make it possible to expand understanding.  Overall, idea collecting and networking time well spent."  

Kris King, VP Retail Operations, WSECU

"A great conference bringing together some of the best and brightest in the financial industry together under one roof to share successes, discuss collective challenges and inspire new ideas and concepts for banking today and tomorrow.  Well worth the price of admission!"

James Ecker, Associate Vice President-Retail, Meridian

"Wonderful opportunity to see, hear and understand how bank's are adapting their branches based on the significant changes taking place in our industry. "

Dave Schwertfeger, Senior Director Channel Opimization, CIBC

"By attending Future Branches, you are able to acquire new ideas, validate where you align with the market and met several thought provoking leaders who want to share information." 

David Puente, Regional Director, Firstmark Credit Union

"I found the sessions to be very informative and was able to bring back valuable information to my team."

Brian Eitniear, SVP, Corporate Services, First Federal Bank of the Midwest

"Image 4 has sponsored industry events for 30 years - it's a preferred way to develop relationships and discover opportunities while giving back to our industry communities. Of the 6 major events we sponsor annually, Future Branches is the most focused, delivers the highest value connections, is just the right tone, and is always fun. We are moving budget from other initiatives to more deeply engage at the Future Branches conference."

Jeffrey Baker, CEO, Image 4

"Great opportunity to meet with peers, network with great speakers and realize you are not alone in your transformation journey!"

Ranjit Pradhan, Business Lead Branch Digital Transformation, Bank of the West

"The Future Branches conference is an interactive, engaging event that enables Financial Institutions, vendors, and thought leaders to mingle and share best practices, and issues as we build the branch of the future."

JP Guizzetti, Director, Channel Optimization, CIBC